June 07, 2011

The Jamaican Cheesesteak

The traditional cheesesteak originated in the city of Philadelphia, and is crafted using thin slices of steak that are sauteed on a flat top then loaded into hollowed roll. Optional toppings are added to the sandwich, such as onions and green peppers; and the meat is usually covered with cheese, typically cheez whiz or provolone.

Having never been to Philadelphia, I haven't been able to experience a true, authentic cheesesteak. The popularity of the sandwich, however, allows people all over the United States - and, by extension, the world - to get a taste of the local favourite.

As is expected when a dish is borrowed from another culture, it is adapted to suit local tastes. This is no different in Jamaica. It's no secret that Jamaica is famous for jerked chicken -it is arguably the most well known specialty from the country. Please note the word ARGUABLY in that sentence. Good. During my vacation I was able to sample a local take of the sandwich.

Jerk Chicken Philly

A popular jerk pit serves up a classic Philadelphia Cheesesteak, made with beef; however, they also offer a variation made with juicy, spicy, succulent jerked chicken.
Everything else about the sandwich is pretty standard, and the simplicity of the ingredients only highlights the wonderful flavour of the chicken.Thin strips of grilled chicken are tossed with sauteed green peppers and onions, and covered with Provolone cheese.


  1. What local joint serves this up? I'm immediately hungry for this ...

  2. JoJo's Jerk Pit: http://www.jojosjerkpit.com/